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Joe Rankin, a custom motorcycle builder in Morrisville, NC, had a problem. He wanted to promote his business, but he didn't want to be lumped in with the Discovery Channel chopper crowd. Unlike the typical builder, Joe starts with quality motorcycles: Honda, Aprilia or BMW, a vintage Triumph and goes to work to create a truly unique custom that stands apart from the typical “Bike Week” special. We talked about making a business card that displayed several projects, but the photos got too small to appreciate the details. Realizing that bikers are basically big kids with big toys, we created a set of “trading cards,” each highlighting a different style of hand-built custom. By utilizing the press sheet efficiently, we were able to give Joe a lot more bang for his buck. People love ‘em, and typically ask for one of each card. To see more of Joe’s work, visit

2 Wheel Connection

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