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File Upload

Enter your email address and complete the captcha to receive an FTP link to upload your files.

We prefer print-ready vector PDF files with all fonts outlined, however Barefoot Press accepts native files from all major publishing softwares. If you have any questions regarding the set up of your files, please contact support.

Naming your files
Before uploading, be sure to zip the file and do not use spaces or odd characters in your file name. Underscores may be used if a space is needed. Spaces and odd characters (like # % ?) can cause your file to disappear on an FTP server. Do not use more than 28 characters in your file names.

A few tips on preparing your files for output
Please make sure your work has been checked for print readiness:

  • All images must be converted to CMYK - No RGB images.
  • All fonts need to be included, embedded or converted to paths.
  • All linked images must be included or embedded.
  • All image files should be a minimum of 300 dpi for print.
  • If your job is CMYK, all spot colors need to be converted to process.
  • If your job is spot color, all colors need to be indicated as PMS colors (not CMYK).
  • Do not make your CMYK build more than 300% on a large coverage area.
  • Bleeds need to be set to .125” or more beyond the document guides.
  • Make sure your layout has been checked for typographical errors or shifted imagery during preflight.
  • Delete all extraneous images outside the document margins.
  • Transparencies need to be converted to spot colors or CMYK builds in vector-based programs.
  • Gradient meshes and filters should be expanded at high resolution out of vector-based programs to avoid reproduction issues.

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