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CapStrat goes green with new collateral

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Raleigh communications agency CapStrat has chosen French Smart White paper for their new business cards and collateral. This paper is manufactured by our favorite mill, French Paper Co. in Niles, MI ( French is well known for their long history of producing a wide range of recycled paper lines, many of them containing 100% post-consumer fiber. While the Smart White line is not a post-consumer sheet due to it’s extremely bright white shade, it is FSC certified, and is manufactured using 100% green power. In fact, the mill is virtually carbon-neutral, having produced all of it’s electricity since 1922 utilizing an on-site hydroelectric generator and saving an estimated 1 million gallons of oil in the process.

By using Raleigh’s original green printer for the production of this collateral, CapStrat has shown their dedication to eco-friendly printing and green branding. This new identity work utilizes 6 Pantone colors, all lovingly mixed by hand here in our shop using soy-based inks. All press-wash used here is low-VOC and water-miscible, completing the green printing credentials.

In addition to their green branding efforts, CapStrat has a comprehensive in-house recycling program for office waste, including paper, glass and aluminum. They even compost biodegradable scraps in the break area. We think this Agency deserves recognition for taking a leading role in the implementation of green business practices. More on CapStrat can be found on their website:

Interest in recycled labels up

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Demand continues to grow for recycled labels. Your green printer is excited to report that we have completed several new projects on this 100% post-consumer recycled label paper. This label is uncoated (non-glossy) and prints beautifully. Most of the projects to date have been printed in four color process using our soy-based inks.

We have done a little bit of investigation into the adhesives, and according to the manufacturer, the material used is Low VOC and water based, and comply with CONEG regulations and the Clean Air Act of 1990. This is great news, which underscores the green printing credentials of this product.

We are stocking this recycled label paper in moderate quantities, and if demand continues to increase we will adjust our stocking quantities accordingly. Please contact us for a quote for your packaging project or mailing labels for your company collateral.

Healthy foods purveyor’s new Scion XB

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Rose Waring, owner of Rosie’s Plate, a kitchen specializing in healthy food for special diets, has chosen a Scion XB for her eco-friendly delivery vehicle. “We thought about a van, but the gas consumption was a big negative. We needed a lot of room, so a hybrid wasn’t a great fit. We settled on the XB for it’s great gas mileage, fun-to-drive factor, and the large amount of space in which to place graphics on the car.”

Rosie’s Plate has been pleased with the green printing materials they have produced at Barefoot Press, so when the talk turned to wrapping the Scion, the company once again chose Raleigh’s original green printer. Barefoot offers printed graphics and cut vinyl lettering, neither of which can be considered “green”. Because the graphics must withstand the harshest weather and still look new, vinyl is the best choice for durability. “Printed graphics will fade and tend to peel after a couple of years, so if a customer is interested in permanence, we design a car to use cut vinyl letters exlusively,” says company President Richard Kilby. Also, we tend to use less material that way, and no ink is used, so the carbon footprint is smaller.” The vinyl lettering has a life of 5-10 years.

Green Printing

Rosie’s Scion XB looks awesome with it’s new suit of graphics, and because it was designed to look like a “wrap” it attracts attention wherever it goes. All of Rosie’s Plate’s printed materials utilize the high post-consumer waste recycled papers and soy inks that are standard at Barefoot Press. Check out Rosie’s menu at


Friday, January 25th, 2008

Carolyn Bigda, who writes the business column Getting Started, recently warned about “green washing,” a term dubbed to describe companies that profess to be green and distribute green marketing materials, but only do the minimum.

“Green” is the new black, the latest fad. And companies are eager to tap into consumers’ growing desire to do their bit to address global warming and protect the environment.

In food products, for instance, the label “natural” suggests “organic” without meeting the standards required for an “organic” label. In fact, there are no government standards for labeling something as “natural” or “free-range.”

Other companies are playing the same game with vague claims like “eco-friendly,” “earth-friendly,” “eco-safe” – without a significant commitment to practices that warrant those labels.

Bigda advises consumers to conjure up a large measure of skepticism while wading through the hype and look for specifics. Don’t assume that a company’s green efforts are meaningful or substantial unless you have the information that backs that up.

Bigda offers some websites that can help you check out a company’s green claims:
For organic standards, check out
For information about eco-friendly products and habits, go to and
To find out what the FTC says about environmental claims, go to

Our house coated paper is now 50% recycled!

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Barefoot Press is thrilled to offer a house line of coated paper with a higher percentage of recycled content! Without significantly impacting our costs, we now have a complete line of gloss and dull coated paper that contains 50% total recycled content, including 30% post-consumer fiber and 20% preconsumer recycled fiber, with the remainder of it’s pulp being sourced from FSC-certified forests. It is a bright white sheet with a nice smooth surface that is perfect for offset printing using our line of soy inks. We stock it in all the common text and cover weights.

So from now on, unless you specify otherwise, your coated sheet projects will automatically be quoted on this recycled paper. This move is further evidence of our commitment to offer the most complete green printing program in the country. Printing your material on this eco-friendly recycled paper shows your concern for the environment, and furthers your own green marketing efforts.

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