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March is record month for green printing inquiries!

We reached a new record for number of green printing inquiries through the website in March. The interest in recycled papers and soy inks just keeps growing. With all the attention the environment and global warming are getting in the news, it’s no wonder folks are looking for any possible way to reduce their carbon footprint at home and at work.

There are many simple things you can do to help, such as using the back side of printouts in your fax machine or cutting them up for note paper to use by the phone. But if your company prints any amount of marketing material, whether it be brochures, stationery or direct mail pieces, switching to 100% post-consumer recycled paper and printing with a company that is committed to printing green will help the most. There are so many good paper choices that make it easy to go green! And if you print with us, ask if your job qualifies for our green printing seal. There is no better way to show your customers that you’re doing all you can to help the environment.

Your green printer can help you help the planet. Call us!

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