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Rare wildlife spotted

For the past few years, our lead account manager has been spotting a rare albino deer in his inner-city neighborhood near Cary, NC. No-one wanted to believe him when he told the story, but now the animal has been captured on film. Jamie Weber’s neighbor snapped this picture yesterday. I know this isn’t about green printing or eco-friendly marketing, but we thought you guys would enjoy seeing this beautiful animal. It’s nice to know that wildlife finds a way to survive, even in the over-developed Triangle.

Green Printing

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One Response to “Rare wildlife spotted”

  1. Kerry Says:

    My kids and I were driving through RTP last night and spotted one…perhaps this very deer or an offspring. We figured it was rare so we googled it and came across your post!! Thanks for the pic. Ours ran away before we could get the camera out.

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