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Dwell Magazine using virgin fiber paper?

Dwell, a champion of green design in architecture and a magazine that we, as designers, enjoy reading, is apparantly “starting to think about recycled paper.” This from Christine Parton, a reader who wrote to the magazine from British Columbia, as published in the February 2008 issue:

“I am happy to note that you are starting to think about recycled paper. I have hesitated to buy any previous issues despite my interest in sustainable building… and hope that in the future you are able to move to 100% post-consumer recycled paper. I know other publications are using it without compromising quality.”

Why would a publication that is such an obvious candidate for green printing use anything but recycled, or, at a minimum, FSC-certified paper? We have no idea. Considering the magazine’s mission, we can’t believe this is an oversight. There are plenty of eco-friendly printing and paper options for Dwell to choose from.

Christine goes on to write: “I am hesitating buying a subscription until your magazine has a higher recycled content…” Write them yourself, and let them know you agree:

A tour of the magazine’s credit pages offered no production information.

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