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Interest in recycled labels up

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Demand continues to grow for recycled labels. Your green printer is excited to report that we have completed several new projects on this 100% post-consumer recycled label paper. This label is uncoated (non-glossy) and prints beautifully. Most of the projects to date have been printed in four color process using our soy-based inks.

We have done a little bit of investigation into the adhesives, and according to the manufacturer, the material used is Low VOC and water based, and comply with CONEG regulations and the Clean Air Act of 1990. This is great news, which underscores the green printing credentials of this product.

We are stocking this recycled label paper in moderate quantities, and if demand continues to increase we will adjust our stocking quantities accordingly. Please contact us for a quote for your packaging project or mailing labels for your company collateral.

Recycled paper towels available

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

In addition to our 100% recycled toilet tissue, we now also have folded paper towels available in case quantities. These are the same type that are loaded into wall dispensers, or you can just put a stack of them out for use. They are 100% recycled as well and are economically priced.

We think it’s important to offer choices to our green printing customers for some of the harder to find office and home items, so we will continue to source these related products. If there is anything that your office is having a hard time finding just comment to this post or send an email to and we’ll see what we can do.

Eco-friendly label printing

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Our green printing options are always expanding, and we are pleased that we now have a reliable source for 100% post-consumer waste recycled sticker paper. The stock is uncoated, 60# white offset with a peel-and-stick liner. We have printed two full-color orders on this paper to date with excellent results.

To obtain a quote for your eco-friendly sticker job, just drop us an email at, or call us at 800-229-1164. Our friendly customer service staff will be happy to assist you.

Chuck Gordon joins our team

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Many of you by now have met (or spoken with) our new Sales Manager, Chuck Gordon. He has been on board for a couple of months now, and is settling in to his new digs nicely. But where did this “new” guy come from?

Chuck began a 27 year career in the fine paper distribution industry in 1971 in Richmond, Va. While in the distribution business he served in many different capacities ranging from purchasing/inventory management, customer service management, marketing and sales. In 1998 left the paper business to join Graphics Ink, a printing company in Durham, NC, serving primarily in sales for the next 10 years. During that time the company was able to grow the commercial print side of the business but the current down turn in the economy forced Graphics Ink to close it’s doors.

Chuck and Barefoot Press have had been friends since 1990, when he came to Raleigh, NC to sell printing paper. At that time we were bringing our paper in from Miami and California. Chuck was the first paper rep to understand our vision, and actively help us with the sourcing of recycled papers. Over time he was able to establish a local recycled paper stocking program for us. So he has played an important role in shaping the history of the original green printer here in Raleigh, NC. It’s only fitting that Chuck has come back to help us grow in this new green economy. We are fortunate to have added Chuck’s knowledge of paper and fine printing to our mix here at Barefoot Press, and encourage our customers to give him a welcome call.

NC Audubon Society goes green with Annual Report

Friday, December 19th, 2008

New Director Ida Phillips was handed the responsibility of producing the NC Audubon Society’s Annual Report and naturally turned to her friends at Raleigh’s online green printer for help. After selecting the paper-efficient format of a 6×9 saddle-stitched booklet, the non-profit weighed the pros and cons of paper finishes. Although gloss papers are designed to showcase color photographs the way people are used to seeing them, these papers do not have the highest post-consumer waste content. The group ultimately decided to make the full commitment to 100% pcw recycled papers. The cover is printed in soy inks on 100# cover stock and the pages are 80# text, both of which are processed chlorine-free. Despite lacking a glossy finish, the color photos look great on the uncoated sheet, and everyone agrees that the feel of the report is more in keeping with Audubon’s conservation mission.

We appreciate an environmental non-profit organization that carries it’s commitment to the environment through to all aspects of it’s operation, and thank the NC Audubon Society for choosing the original green printing company in Raleigh, NC for this project.

Yes, we know Charles Anderson’s artwork is offensive to vegetarians

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

As we expected, we have gotten a couple of derogatory emails about the artwork that Charles Anderson created for our open house invitation. The art depicts a pig that has been happily sliced up for your consumption. Hey, the pig’s happy, so can’t we all just get along???

Seriously, we do understand that there are vegetarians and animal rights activists within our green printing customer base. And honestly, we did think the art was a bit over the top. But after all, if Chuck at CSA wants to use this as an opportunity to espouse his vegetarian views, who are we to censor him? And anyway, it’s French Paper’s branding, not ours, so send your complaints to them why don’t you? Better yet, come tell Jerry French in person just how tasteless you think his agency is.

Freedom is freedom folks. You can’t please everyone. We might choose to take a safe road with our own marketing materials, but we have to hand it to French for going out on a creative limb. It’s one of the things we admire about this renegade little recycled paper mill. They walk their own road. And quite honestly, we think it’s hilarious. If it makes you think twice about your choices, great! That’s what good design should do.

We hope to see you Thursday, so come see us on the 18th and join the debate. We’ve got plenty of veggies for you.

Warning: Importing coated paper can be hazardous to your health

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Your favorite online green printer has been selling an excellent alternative to cheap Asian coated papers for a long time. Here is yet more evidence that choosing this recycled, elemental chlorine-free paper is a better alternative for green printing:

Coated paper is paper that has been treated with a thin coat of clay or other compound on one or both sides, giving it tremendous versatility for countless products. It is one of the fastest growing segments of the world’s paper industry and, in the last few years, its production in developing countries has expanded exponentially. Since 1990, the Chinese paper industry alone has accounted for fifty percent of overall growth in the market for coated paper.

While U.S. and Canadian manufacturers have the capacity to fulfill North American coated paper requirements, China, along with South Korea and Indonesia, currently comprise about 40% of the North American coated paper market, evidence of which can be found in the substantial weight and space taken up by Asian sourced coated paper in the world’s 90,000 container ships.

Last month, the Los Angeles Times reported that tug boats and tankers using inexpensive dirty “bunker” fuel emit more soot than previously acknowledged and contribute to thousands of deaths from particular pollution annually. In another article, the Los Angeles Times noted that in response to these findings, California has instituted the planet’s toughest pollution laws for ocean going vessels. Over the protests of Asian carriers, beginning in July 2009 oil tankers, cruise ships and container ships coming within 24 nautical miles of California will be required to burn low-sulfur diesel or face stiff fines. Hopefully, other states along the Eastern and Western Seaboards and the Gulf of Mexico will follow suit and force everyone to play by a set of rules that will benefit us all.

The health hazard of unnecessary ship pollution is just one of the many reasons to keep an attentive eye on the source of paper products you and your company use. It’s often difficult to trace the source of paper coming from outside the U.S., but a bit of probing tells wholesalers and retailers that these are issues that may affect their business. We’ve developed an “ISSUES” series to keep you current with the risks of imported paper.

Read more at:

Meet Jerry French at the Open House on Sept. 18!

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Since most of you have gotten your printed invitations by now, and the secret is officially out, we can post our news item about our big event on Thursday Sept. 18. Please come by, meet the owner and mascot of the best little recycled paper mill in America, and check out how our industrious staff is transforming (what was) a derelict dump of a building into a warm, sustainable and vibrant work environment! This is the green printing event of the year!

Here are the details:

The open house will start at 3:00 with a wine and cheese reception and gallery show. A retrospective of French Paper marketing will be on display throughout the offices and plant. The show will include print ads, posters, packaging and promotionals. Mill representative Talmadge Pearson will be your guide and story-teller as you walk through the history of the French Paper brand. Swatch books, promos and fabulous chotchkies will be available.

At 6:00, Lindenmeyr Munroe will host as Cooper’s Barbeque serves up their legendary pork and chicken, along with all the traditional southern fixin’s and plenty of iced tea. Visit our outside bar for cold delicious malt beverages.

At 8:00, local originals Regina Hexaphone will entertain with their beautiful brand of Rock/Folk/Americana..

The event is co-sponsored by:

Lindenmeyr Munroe is the paper merchant that has newly moved into the Raleigh market servicing the Raleigh/ Durham market, the Triad market, and eastern N.C. They are actually stocking French Paper.

French Paper – Family owned and operated since 1871, French is this country’s smallest and most innovative independent paper mill. Jerry French is the company’s fifth generation president. Jerry’s son Brian joined French Paper this year marking its sixth generation.

NewPage Corporation is a coated mill that will also be in attendance showing their newest products-Paige Rosenberger will be their rep at the event.

AAF Raleigh-Durham Rebrand in the works

Monday, August 4th, 2008

The Triangle Chapter of the American Advertising Federation has developed a new identity system and they decided that green printing was the way to go with their new collateral. The new stationery, business cards and pocket folders were all printed in soy inks on our house uncoated paper, which contains 100% post-consumer recycled fiber and is processed chlorine-free.

The AAF rebranding was executed by RBW here in Raleigh, NC. Join your local ad club today.

Green Printing

We just planted 295 trees!

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Well, not exactly, but the Renewable Energy Credits we just purchased to offset our electricity usage for the rest of 2008 has the same effect. In an earlier post we talked about the Carbon Offset program we are participating in, and we wanted to share the comparisons outlined in our energy audit.

Your green printer uses approximately 105,200 kWh of electricity per year producing the fabulous eco-friendly printed materials our customers order. Our Impact Summary states that by offsetting this usage, we are helping to avoid up to 71,694 pounds (32.52 metric tons) of carbon dioxide emissions from being emitted into the atmosphere.

This action has an equivalent impact as:
Planting 295 trees, or
Not driving 73,157 miles, or
Taking 6 cars off the road for one year.

We especially like the planting of 295 trees comparison. I bet we don’t use that many trees worth of paper in our green printing program, since almost everything we print is on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. What virgin fiber we do consume is FSC-certified, so at least it is responsibly managed and harvested. It’s awesome that we can “virtually” plant trees to replace what we do use!

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